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DEKRA Certificaat

Our Shoring Poles, Cargo Beams, Cargo Planks, Cargo Nets and Cargo Keepers are DEKRA certified.
DEKRA certified products meet:
  • the strict safety rules that apply in Germany,
  • the guidelines of the VDI (Association of German Engineers),
  • the European standard DIN EN 12195-1 and
  • DAIMLERCHRYSLER guidelines for carriers.
DEKRA certification assures quality and reliability.

DEKRA is a worldwide oriented company and has a leading position in the field of vehicle testing and related issues. The tests meet the requirements of the major European insurance and automotive markets.
One of the activities of DEKRA is the inspection of cargo restraint products for freight transportation.

DEKRA testing standards are strict and exacting.

Therefore obtaining  a DEKRA certificate will mean both insurance companies and transporters will recognize this certification as proof of quality and system reliability. In some circumstances a DEKRA certificate may even reduce the duration for truck safety controls/inspections conducted by the Authorities.