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Strap WTR 4000
The European standard EN 12195-2
A webbing cargo lashing (strap) is composed of three components: Tensioner, End Fitting and Webbing. These components are individually tested for breaking strength.
So, every partof a strap has his own breaking strength.
The forcerequired to break a component, the breaking force, is in accordance with the European Standard EN 12195-2 specified with N (Newton).

daN and kg
In the past the industry has used the term Kilogram Force as the unit of applied power however it was more commonly referred to just as Kilo(gram)or Kg.
But scientifically speaking, Kg is a weightand N (Newton) is a force (load).
Therefore 'N' is used in the EN-12195-2 Standard when it comes to force.

One daN (decaNewton) is an indication for 10 N(ewton).
And 1 'daN' is about comparable, though unscientifically, to that 'kg' we formerly used to indicate breaking strength.
A tensioner with a breaking force of 5,000 daN is recognizable to us as the 5,000 kg breaking strength of the past.

LC and Breaking Strength
LCis an abbreviation of Lashing Capacity. This is not another word for "Breaking Strength".
The calculation to arrive at the rated Lashing Capacity (LC) of an assembly is based on individual factors of safety (FS) applied to the relevant component group.

Components - Factors of Safety:
Webbing: FS 3:1
End Fittigs/Hooks and Tensioner:FS 2:1

Calculating the LC of an EN 12195-2 strap assembly:
Obviously, the weakest part of a strap is taken to the LC of a strap.
The strap consists of:
- Two hooks: Breaking Strength 5,000 daN
- A tensioner (ratch):Breaking Strength 5,000 daN
- Webbing: Breaking Strength 6.000 daN
Previously, the lowest tensile strength (5,000 daN) was taken to the overall strength of the strap and indicated as: "A 5-tons strap".
In today's LC, safety factors are included:
The breaking strength of hook and ratchet buckle are halved (Safety Factor 2:1) and goes to 5,000:2 = 2,500 daN.
The breaking strength of the webbing is divided by 3 (Safety Factor 3:1) and goes to 6,000:3 = 2,000 daN.
So, the LC value (The 'Safe Breaking Strength') of the strap is 2.000 daN.

Kwaliteitscontrole: Breaking Strength Test on a strap
Breaking Strength Test on astrap